Effective Facility Management and Delegation  

Keynote September 15, 2016 9:00 am - 9:45 am

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Clayton O. Mitchell, Jr., PE, CEM

This Keynote will focus on emerging trends in facilities management that contribute to the industry’s drive for improving the development of existing employee talent. Effectively leveraging employee talents to deliver on the core mission for your company. The effort will require sound strategies for all parts of management in areas such as capital allocation, workforce development and cultural change, creating sustainable infrastructure, mining value added data, and movement towards a total life cycle approach to management.

Topic points will focus on:

  • Resource Allocation (Capital vs Maintenance); striking the balance between investment in existing management team and creating a culture of innovation
  • Big Data; mining value added data to inform team
  • Total Life Cycle Management/ Space-Asset Management
  • Workforce Development; evolution of the facilities management team and creating a culture of innovation
  • Sustainability; leveraging sustainability to improve bottom line business objectives behavior and sound business decisions